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Wildwood consists of four distinct towns. Wildwood Crest, Wildwood, North Wildwood and West Wildwood.

North Wildwood enjoys a boardwalk, wide beach (in places up to a quarter mile) up scale motels, restaurants, beds & breakfasts, a landmark lighthouse and a wildlife preserve.

Wildwood is the center of action in this coastal barrier island resort. Known for its roller coaster rides, candy apples, popcorn, saltwater taffy, and tram which transports thousands of tourists a day from one Wildwood to another. The centerpiece is Morey's Piers. There are currently three Piers and a water park devoted to the child in all of us. The island's main entrance is from the causeway bridge. There are marinas on both sides of the bridge and a bait and tackle just off the main road on the right side.

If you're an angler, then this is a little bit of heaven. There are daily party boats, too numerous to mention here but listed in our web pages under, you guessed it "Party Boats".

There are lots of free activites for the children. The public park area boasts a great jungle gym and the beach is Free!

Wildwood Crest is a bit more residential than either North Wildwood or Wildwood but shares the Doo Wop motel architecture with the rest of the Wildwoods. If you're concerned about the recent demolition of motels and explosion of condos which do not preserve the 50's and 60's architecture, you can join a presevation league which lobbies the town fathers and State for zoning laws and planning board restrictions to help maintain the status quo. The address is http://www.doowopusa.org/index.html