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Come to Wildwood, NJ; enjoy the beaches; book an early excursion on a party boat for a half-day of fishing. Stroll with your kids along the Boardwalk while savoring a slice of Wildwoods pizza. Be thrilled by the Amusements! Get a sitter; make a reservation at one of the great Wildwood Restaurants before ending the night at one of the many Wildwood Bars or Wildwood Hot Spots.

In the past three years, real estate along Wildwood's beachfront has enjoyed a tremendous increase in value. Many of Wildwood's hotels have been sold to developers and have become real estate for sale as condos. There are still plenty of rentals available in Wildwood but the best hotels will book early. To the best of our knowledge, the motels and hotels listed in these pages are currently in operation for the 2010 season.

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Esplanade Suites
  • 230 E. Taylor Avenue
  • Wildwood, NJ 08260
Esplanade Suites in family-friendly Wildwood is located just steps from the beach, boardwalk and convention center. Open year-round, Esplandade is the ideal location for your next beach vacation or business trip. Newly renovated, spacious guestrooms feature full kitchenettes and pool views. Restaurants, shopping and nightclubs are just minutes away.
AA Heart Of Wildwood Motels
  • 3915 Ocean Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Acropolis Oceanfront Resort
  • At the Beach – 3rd to 4th Avenues
  • North Wildwood, NJ
Ala Moana Motel
  • 5300 Atlantic Ave.
  • Wildwood, NJ
Beach Holiday Motor Inn
  • 3110 Atlantic Ave & Pine
  • Wildwood NJ
Beach Terrace Motor Inn
  • 3400 Atlantic Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Beachwood Hotel
  • 210 East Montgomery Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Bolero Resort & Conference Center
  • 3320 Atlantic Ave
  • Wildwood Nj
  • Garfield & Atlantic Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Cape Cod Inn Motel
Caprice Motel
  • 4200 Ocean Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Casa Del Sole Motel
  • 4109 Ocean Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Clifton Accomodations
  • 320 E. Glenwood Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Crystal Sands Motel
  • 307 East Hand Ave
  • Wildwood ,NJ
Days Inn Suites
  • 4610 Ocean Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Daytona Motor Inn
  • 4010 Atlantic Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Diamond Crest Motel
  • 7011 Atlantic Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
El Ray Motel
  • 4711 Atlantic Avenue
  • Wildwood, NJ
Esplanade Motel
  • 230 E. Taylor Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Fantasy Motel
  • 132 W. Rio Grande Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Fountain Motel
  • 4616 Atlantic & Andrews Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Isle of Palms
  • 3200 Atlantic Ave.
  • Wildwood, NJ
Isle of Palms Motel
  • 3200 Atlantic Ave.
  • Wildwood, NJ
Knolls Resort Motel
  • 4111 Atlantic Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Landmark Motel
  • 225 East Schellenger Avenue
  • Wildwood, NJ
Le Voyageur Motel
  • 232 E. Andrew Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Mango Motel
  • 209 E. Spicer Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Mariner Motel
  • 407 E. Monterey Ave & The Beach
  • Wildwood NJ
Newport Motel
  • 4900 Ocean Drive
  • Wildwood, NJ
Quebec Calypso Resort
  • Spicer & Atlantic Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Sandy Cove Inn And Suites
  • 241 E. Youngs Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
Sea & Sun Resort Motel
Sea Gull Motel
  • 5305 Atlantic Avenue
  • Wildwood, NJ
Sea Shell Motel
  • Rio Grande & Atlantic Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
  • 305 E. Rio Grande Avenue
  • Wildwood, NJ
Surf Comber Motel
  • 4800 Atlantic Ave
  • Wildwood NJ
The Calypso
  • Spicer & Atlantic Avenues
  • Wildwood, New Jersey
Tide Winds Motel
  • 231 E. Davis Ave
  • Center Wildwood NJ
White Star Motel
  • 3600 Ocean Avenue
  • Wildwood, NJ